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Hi, I’m Gabriel Loyola Daiqui. I enjoy designing and implementing solutions for complex problems. I thrive on the challenge of breaking down complex tasks into manageable components. While much of my professional journey has been in academia, I am now seeking a more practical, real-world application of my skills and knowledge.

I am diligent and a fast learner. These qualities enabled me to rapidly gain a deep understanding of blockchain technology, allowing me to significantly contribute to two publications published by the ACM in just two years.

My professional interests are primarily centered around software engineering and cybersecurity, especially pen-testing. While I have been able to engage in the former, the demands of my studies and work have thus far precluded me from fully exploring the latter. Despite these constraints, my dedication to these fields remains strong.

In the last four years, I have worked with a wide range of different languages and frameworks, and I am always looking for opportunities to explore new tools.

Currently, my primary areas of expertise include: Golang, Bubble Tea, Python, TypeScript, Latex, git.


Kovacs: A blockchain based logging solution

A non-repudiable peer-to-peer data exchange that stores the resulting proofs of non-repudiation in an Ethereum blockchain in a GDPR-compliant manner.

For my Bachelor’s thesis, I implemented the concept presented in my initial research paper. It aims to facilitate private data exchange while establishing proofs of non-repudiation without relying on a trusted third party. This was achieved by adopting a peer-to-peer architectural framework for direct data exchange, facilitated by the utilization of the go-libp2p library. The non-repudiation protocol employed was introduced by Markowitch et al. Given the absence of a reference implementation, I created one. The proofs of non-repudiation that are created during a data exchange are stored in an Ethereum blockchain in a GDPR-compliant manner.

After completing the thesis, I further refined this solution in the context of a subsequent publication, resulting in significant enhancements to its performance and throughput.

Computer vision component for a modular robot

For my Bachelor's practicum, I utilized OpenCV and AprilTags to determine the 3D position and orientation of QR codes.

Inverse transparent logging solution with Hyperledger Fabric

For my Bachelor's seminar, I used implemented a usage logging solution with Hyperledger Fabric.


Chair of Software and Systems Engineering (TUM)

Research Assistant (June 2020 – October 2023)

During my work at the Chair of Software and Systems Engineering, I had to opportunity of experiencing many different disciplines. My responsibilities encompassed extensive research across various domains, including non-repudiation, blockchains, GDPR-compliance and peer-to-peer architecture.

Furthermore, I developed and evaluated several proof-of-concepts, mostly utilizing Golang and Python. These include a Hyperledger Fabric based usage logging storage solution, which expanded upon my Seminar paper.

Additionally, I supported my supervisor by reviewing his publications before submission. My academic involvement extended to co-authoring two publications.


Working student accounting (February 2018 – July 2019)

I automated most of my duties using Golang, Excel formulas, and VBS before leaving due to a lack of work.

Extra curricular


Member of the IT Department (March 2018 – Ongoing)

As a member of the IT Department, I assumed several roles. Firstly, I was entrusted with the design and development of several internal applications, such as a tool for tracking the distribution of IKOM bags to students. This involved the extraction of the student’s ID from their student card. The decision on whether they were allowed to receive a bag was seamlessly presented to the user through a TUI implemented with the Bubble Tea framework.

Furthermore, I managed both on-premise and Azure infrastructure, ensuring continuous operation.

Additionally, I actively provided first- and second-level tech support to IKOM members, as well as company representatives during the fairs.

Moreover, my involvement extended to working at our job fairs, which honed my ability to remain composed under stress and to strategics effectively within constraints of time and resources.


Team Lead of the IT Department (October 2019 – September 2020)

In my capacity as the team lead of the IT department, I oversaw a team of five individuals, assigning tasks and ensuring their completion. Beyond this, I was actively involved in the planning and organization of our job fairs. Furthermore, I also held the responsibility of fostering seamless cross-departmental coordination.


Decentralized Inverse Transparency With Blockchain

Distributed Ledger Technologies (ACM) - April 2023
We present a detailed analysis of our GDPR-compliant blockchain storage solution developed in our previous paper.

GDPR-Compliant Use of Blockchain for Secure Usage Logs

Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering (ACM) - June 2021
We developed a concept that enables GDPR-compliant storage of usage logs in an arbitrary blockchain.


Technical University of Munich

Master of Science in Informatics (Oct 2023 - Ongoing)

Technical University of Munich

Bachelor of Science in Informatics (Oct 2017 - Sept 2023)

German International School Washington D.C.

Allgemeine Hochschulreife, High school diploma (Nov 2015 - July 2017)